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The Law Of Attraction

Updated: May 23, 2021

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. The Law of Attraction. Let’s Begin….

I hear people say sad things and see them have dissatisfaction all over their face because of the little results they get after putting so much effort into the pursuit of their dreams; a happy life, love, quality relationship(s), good health, financial stability, and so much more. Although it is required to work to actually get some things done, I tell you, not everything can be achieved through hard labor.

You need to know this, every single thing in our world and even beyond, is/has energy and is at all times making use of the energy, this energy can best be understood as Law of attraction, which states that everyone attracts only what they put out there through their own energy, for this reason, I won’t be missing words when I say that we all, have within us, the ability to influence the events and circumstances of our lives. So many people would say boldly and out loud that they

don’t believe in the Law of Attraction. Well, of course, everyone has a right to believe in anything they so choose, but the truth is this; Regardless of your beliefs, the Law of attraction is here to stay, everyone is a partaker, there are no neutral grounds, You give off energy, and You get back Energy. For example, no one in their right state of mind would jump off a skyscraper building with expectations of not getting hurt thereafter, all because they don’t believe in gravity; we both know how that’s going to end. So you see, some things are best applied when we have the knowledge about them, and the Law of Attraction is one of them.

I’m guessing you are about to ask; “since this is the case, what are the benefits of applying the Law of Attraction?”

Okay, just so you know, the Law of attraction is so broad, it goes as far as touching every area of our lives, let’s see some of them.

Attracting Love And Quality Relationship; The truth is this, we can’t force ourselves on everyone, we can only enjoy true love, Loyal or Quality Relationship with people we have alike energy with, otherwise, it would always end in disappointments, heartbreaks, etc. So if at all you don’t feel comfortable within your circle, this should encourage you to work on yourself.

Attracting good health; for example, whenever we or anyone we care about is sick, there is always a strong resolve within us to get rid of the sickness, we don’t need to be paid to think that way, it’s always what we want, and because it’s what we want, we go all out to make it happen.

Attracting Money/Financial Bliss; Desires are not enough materials to make anyone successful in matters regarding money. One has to believe those desires can become a reality and work towards it in the right environment and with the right knowledge and attitude.

Like I said earlier, the Law of Attraction is versatile, touching every area of our lives, and if you check closely about how I stated we could attract those things we long for, you would see that there is a chain or flow of occurrence, i.e things that must precede the making a reality of our inner desires.

Thoughts(Ideas, Ambitions) → Feelings(Desires, Cravings) → Actions(seeking and applying knowledge) → Results(Reality, Achievement).

Alright, I hope you get the whole idea now.

At this point, I believe you would like to take some time to go through what you read here today, the truth is, it really does work. Come to think of it, for a moment, have you ever thought so deeply about somebody, someone dear, that you’ve not seen for a while, you thought of how great it would be to hear from or see them and you suddenly receive a call from them or even a visit, that’s no coincidence, that’s Law of Attraction taking its course.

Maria Grace is holding sessions in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic Book Online | (Essential Chiropractic And Massage Therapy)

and The Abundance Bar Barrie (The Abundance Bar) - Jane Clinic Management She also does sessions in Calgary, Alberta.


Phone 647-393-8899

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