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Reiki: What Are Its 10 Benefits: Reiki Also Used In Hospitals

Are you feeling stressed? Maybe you find it difficult to stay relaxed and calm? Perhaps you'd like to look for an alternative methodology that can assist you with this? Continue reading to learn more about Reiki's health benefits and how they can help you feel better!

The technique called Reiki was developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century and is now practised all over the world. Throughout the happy reading of this post, I'll tell you about the health benefits of Reiki and how it is evolved in hospital as energy therapy nowadays, but first, let me define what Reiki is in an easy way.

What Is Reiki? - Definition

Reiki is made up of two Japanese words:

● "Rei" meaning spirit.

● and "ki" which translates to energy.

Thus, Reiki means “the energy or force of the spirit”. To be more exact, this technique is used for relaxation and stress reduction, Reiki is normally practised with the Reiki practitioner placing their hands on the client's body in various hand positions to allow energy to circulate.

Benefits of reiki - How It Is Helpful For Your


To understand the benefits of reiki, you must already know that it is a natural health method. Traditional Reiki is a meditative relaxation by touch, inducing the well-being of the body.

1. The Reiki soothes psychological tensions that prevent the development staff. It is therefore excellent in health prevention.

2. The practice of meditative relaxation

by touch,which

is reiki, therefore helps in better recovery from more or less heavy surgical interventions (fatigue, scarring, etc.).

3. By strengthening the immune

system weakened by stress,it can protect the body from certain pathologies and diseases. In fact, these are the ones triggered by stress.

4. The care reiki is a term derived from the method. Thus, without curing cancer, Reiki is excellent for its comfort in the face of disease. It also helps comfort in the face of pain and allows you to live better with fibromyalgia. It also helps to increase his energy.

5. The benefits of Reiki are

measured by the

relief of people,faced with their emotional and mental problems. But also in the meaning of lost life - hence the term spiritual therapy.

6. By relieving stress, promotes relaxation and provides restful and good quality sleep. It helps to have a comfortable pregnancy.

7. In fact,Reikiology,a



practice of

Reiki,by its nature of helping and supporting the person, is beneficial to people who undergo heavy treatment or prolonged hospitalization.

8. Reiki also promotes recovery from psychological shock, or moral distress, however, without curing mental disorders. It comes under reactive psychological distress.

9. This mental well-being, which is none other than positive mental health, allows everyone to take their place in their life. With, of course, a better relationship with others and with its environment.

10. Finally, despite popular belief, Reiki has no negative side effects.

Reiki in the hospital

Reiki is now present in many hospital departments around the world. However, It is used in perfect reciprocity with conventional medicine.

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain or Switzerland call on Reiki practitioners to support the people being treated and their close relatives.

Why It Is Useful To Keep Reiki As Alternative

Treatment For Hospital

Since Reiki does not require any preparation. It can be used in all departments of a hospital, including operating theatres, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and all rooms receiving inpatients or outpatients.

Reiki can be used at any time during ongoing treatment, whatever it is. It can easily be transmitted through a plaster cast. The patient can just as easily be standing, sitting or lying down.

For who?

Reiki is for everyone, children, adults, and pregnant women.

Final Words

In conclusion, I can say, the traditional Reiki is:

● also favourable for young people or adults who are preparing for an exam or competition

● only for patients who are going to have an operation and who need comfort to fight their fears and doubts

● and also for people looking for well-being at work.

Maria Grace is a Reiki Master, Hypnosis and Akashic Practitioner holding sessions in Woodbridge at Essential Chiropractic Book Online | Essential Chiropractic And Massage Therapy

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